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The site’s main objective is to offer its users the contents of Archinews – the quarterly magazine on architecture, urbanism, interiors and design.


The “content of the site” means all the information contained therein, including text, images, illustrations, graphic design, web design and software.

The content of this site may not be copied, altered or distributed except with the express authorisation of Archi&Book’s publisher.

All texts, images, illustrations, photographs, advertising, brands and other elements of the site’s content are protected by law. Any copying, reproduction, dissemination or transmission, use, modification, sale, publication, distribution or any other use, in whole or in part, commercial or non-commercial, by any means whatsoever, is expressly prohibited, unless expressly authorised. It is forbidden to use the site for illegal purposes or for any other purpose that could harm the image of ArchiNews®.

Archi&Book’s publisher disclaims any liability for the usurpation and misuse of the aforementioned elements. Exceptions may be made for free uses authorised by law, in particular the right to quote, provided the source is identified. Archi&Book’s reserves the right to take legal action against the authors of any copy, reproduction or other unauthorised use of its content(s) by third parties.


Archi&Book’s does not control or manage the information, products or services of the content provided by third parties on the ArchiNews® website, as well as the hyperlinks to other sites on the Internet. Archi&Book’s cannot therefore be held responsible for errors of any kind, or incorrect data, on these sites and/or content, including their privacy policies and practices. The inclusion of content provided by third parties and hyperlinks on the ArchiNews® website does not imply acceptance of the content contained therein or an association with its owners.

Archi&Book’s does not control and is not responsible for any illegal, offensive or defamatory behaviour of its Users.


The User may download or copy material strictly for personal use.

The User undertakes not to attack or use the ArchiNews® system or website unlawfully and shall be held responsible for and bear all costs associated with any unlawful actions attributed to him/her. Amongst others, the following are considered to be unlawful actions:

a) Accessing an unauthorised area/account and its information;
b) Testing and assessing the vulnerability of the system and breaching the installed security;
c) Installing or attempting to install viruses;
d) Sending unsolicited e-mails that include promotions or advertising for products or services;
e) Triggering or attempting to trigger “denial of service” attacks (attempts to make a system’s resources unavailable to its Users).


Archi&Book’s reserves the right to interrupt or suspend access to the ArchiNews® website for as long as it deems necessary for any technical, administrative, force majeure or other reasons. Without prejudice to the provisions of the previous paragraph, Archi&Book’s cannot be held responsible for any suspension or interruption of access that may occur due to a cause that is not attributable to it or that is attributable to mere negligence.


Users of the ArchiNews® website declare and guarantee that they are fully aware of the characteristics and constraints, limitations and defects of the Internet, and in particular that data and information transmissions via the Internet only benefit from relative technical reliability, circulating on heterogeneous networks of different characteristics and technical capacities, which disrupt access or make it impossible at certain times.

Users acknowledge that any site is subject to intrusion by unauthorised third parties and may consequently be interrupted, and that the information circulating on the Internet is not protected against possible deviations (free access), against possible viruses, and that anyone is likely to create a link with access to the site and/or elements contained therein, accepting to run the inherent risks.

Under no circumstances can Archi&Book’s be held liable for accidental or voluntary damage suffered by Users, whether or not caused by third parties, in connection with the use of the services provided on the website or elsewhere on the Internet to which they have had access through it. Archi&Book’s is not responsible for any damage that may be caused by the use of the service, including the contamination of viruses.

The ArchiNews® website uses the services of IfthenPay ( and the IFMB – Multibanco Collection System, with all the security guarantees for Users that the service and system allow.


Without prejudice to the commitment regarding the use of personal data, Archi&Book’s warns of the existence of risks related to the Internet and databases. It is possible that personal data may be captured and/or transferred by third parties, particularly in countries where personal database protection systems are still at an undeveloped stage and where protection is scarce and ineffective. By accessing the ArchiNews® site, users must accept the risks inherent to their activity as Internet users, in particular the risk of any open transfer of data.


Archi&Book’s will not automatically collect any personal information from its Users, who will be able to browse the site without providing any personal information, remaining anonymous during their visit.

Personal information voluntarily provided by the User when purchasing products or filling in forms on the site is for the exclusive information of Archi&Book’s and will not be disclosed to third parties without the prior consent of the holder.

The personal data collected through the ArchiNews® website is included in the database registered with the National Data Protection Commission (“CNPD”) in case no. 17267/2014 on behalf of Archi&Book’s. It is absolutely confidential and used exclusively by this entity to know the identification and preferences of its customers, and is processed automatically in accordance with Law 67/98 of 26 October.

This information may be used to process the online purchase, personalise the site, ascertain the type of use made of the site by the User, and also to ascertain the type of advertising on the site. Under the terms of the applicable legislation, Archi&Book’s undertakes to grant the subjects whose data is collected the right to access, object to or rectify their data at any time, simply by accessing the registration field and making the changes they deem necessary.

Individuals also have the right to be notified, under the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation of Portugal, in the event of a breach of their personal data.

The organisation responsible for processing the database is Archi&Book’s, Lda, with registered offices at Rua General Humberto Delgado, n.º 7 e 11, 2625-424 Forte da Casa. Registered at the Commercial Registry Office R.N.P.C. under the legal identification number: 513 101 918, any interested party can contact it through the following contacts:

Telephone: (+351) 218 029 160



The conditions of use shall be interpreted in accordance with Portuguese law. The courts of Portugal shall have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to any complaints, disputes or other problems that may arise.



The Blog Service on the ArchiNews® website consists of providing free space for hosting non-commercial blogs in Portuguese and English. A Blog is understood to be a website with a chronological and regularly updated presentation of ideas, opinions, texts, images or any other matter that fits in with the spirit of the Blog. The User is entitled to one (1) Blog per registration. The Blog on the ArchiNews® website only allows text. Photos or videos will have to be hosted on other servers and their links provided in the text if the User wishes to make use of audiovisual resources.


In order to participate in the ArchiNews® Website Blog, the User must read and accept the registration terms and conditions.

User registration is mandatory to participate in the ArchiNews® Blog.

The personal data collected via the ArchiNews® website is included in the database registered with the National Data Protection Commission (“CNPD”) in case no. 17.267/2014 on behalf of Archi&Book’s, and is absolutely confidential and used exclusively by that entity to know the identification and preferences of its customers, and processed automatically in accordance with Law 67/98 of 26 October.

Users can update, rectify or cancel their Registration at any time without Archi&Book’s intervention, simply by going directly to their Registration;

In order to participate in the Blog, the User undertakes to:

a) – Provide truthful, concrete and up-to-date information about themselves, in accordance with the questions on the form;
b) – Keep their registration details up to date.

If you provide incorrect, outdated, incomplete or false information, Archi&Book’s reserves the right to suspend or cancel your registration.


Users of the ArchiNews® website Blog may only be natural persons and/or non-profit organisations or legal entities.

In particular, Users are prohibited from

  1. sending any abusive, obscene, insulting, hateful, threatening, sexually biased message or any other material that may violate the law in force. Such behaviour will lead to the immediate and permanent expulsion of the User;
  2. Posting the same message or a series of similar messages (excessive “cross-posting” or “multiple-posting”);
  3. Sending disrespectful messages, both collectively and personally, through posts on the Blog;
  4. Providing addresses, telephone numbers and/or mobile phones;
  5. Mentioning illegal material, publishing explicit nudity or content that may simply hurt feelings;
  6. Disrespecting the intellectual property of others (plagiarism);
  7. Avoid using symbols such as ####$$$%%%%, or any other similar characters;
  8. Impersonating someone or some entity, or using an e-mail address for the purpose of impersonating that person; using a User name that infringes someone else’s intellectual property rights; using a User name that, in Archi&Book’s judgement, is offensive, obscene or defamatory;
  9. Make available, transmit, send any content that you do not have the right to use;
  10. Purposely sending any material that contains software viruses or any other computer code, files or programmes whose purpose is to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer or computer system (hardware and software) or telecommunications equipment;
  11. Collect or store or make available in any format personal information about other Users;
  12. Promote or provide instructional material on illegal activities.


The User identified as the author of a Blog is solely responsible for the content made available in that space. Any information, data, texts, links or other materials displayed publicly or privately are the sole responsibility of the User.

Given that the Internet is an open network, all Blog content may circulate on the network without security conditions and may even be accessed and used by unauthorised third parties, and Archi&Book’s cannot be held responsible for such access and/or use.


Notwithstanding all the rules defined, it is not possible to exhaustively control the content provided by Users and therefore Archi&Book’s cannot guarantee its correctness, quality, integrity, accuracy or veracity.

Archi&Book’s is not responsible for the defamatory, offensive or illegal behaviour of messages on the Blog. All messages posted on the Blog express solely the views and opinions of their respective authors.

Archi&Book’s reserves the right to only publish messages aimed at promoting debate and discussion of specific topics, and discussions of a personal or insulting nature are not permitted.

Archi&Book’s also reserves the right to remove from the Blog any message that contravenes the rules it upholds for the proper functioning of the site, namely those that are obscene, malicious, harassing, defamatory, harmful, threatening, slanderous, offensive, illegal, racist, sexually biased, advertising and invasive of the privacy of third parties.

The Blog’s administrators and moderators have the right to remove or edit any message at any time they deem necessary.

The IP addresses of all posts are logged to help implement these conditions.

The definition of the rules of participation in the ArchiNews® website Blog are unilaterally set by ArchiNews® in order to protect its Users and may be revised at any time.

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